Competitive Benefits that are rigorously reviewed.

We recognize that Employee Benefit plans can represent a major time and financial investment on the part of the employer.

We are not product floggers. That is why we go beyond the Broker role to a true Adviser by providing:

  • Review of existing bank, insurance or KiwiSaver arrangements
  • Design and implementation of an effective staff education programme
  • Periodic updates
  • Linkage between you, your Accountant and your Solicitor

We are Specialists in:

  • Group Health and Life Insurances
  • All personal and business insurances
  • Mortgage and Loan advice, sourcing and reduction strategies
  • Practical Financial Advice that works

Introducing SAVII

Savii is a system that effectively gives your staff a pay rise for a low monthly fee. It will help with staff retention by allowing your staff to make their existing salary go further and have more money for living Savii is a simple, clever idea that helps you and your staff save more money on everyday bills.

Savii is a revolutionary employee benefit programme designed to help by using collective purchasing power to deliver big savings on core living costs like electricity bills, mortgages, insurance policies and more, through our trusted Savii suppliers.

Each person gets a private secure on-line account in which they can track their monthly savings, sign up to new services as offered and upload important personal documents.

Staff Training Packages

Both Sue and Allistar come from a background of working for ‘the boss’ to being self-employed and employing staff themselves. The paradigms of ‘Boss’ and employee can be quite different. By helping employees understand the financial world, where to go to get better deals, helping them with their goals, ResRei add considerable benefits to an Employer.

We do this with mini-seminars of around 20-25 minutes in length. We make the boring stuff interesting and focus on helping the employee have better relationships with their employer. Often these modules may be individually tailored for a particular employment situation. Effectively we are aiming to enhance the bosses role.

Further information about Staff Benefits is but a phone call or email away.