ResRei is a service to the business community and employees designed to ensure business continuity in the event of the unexpected and help staff engage positively with employers by making available:

  • Staff Benefits for insurances, mortgage discount, retail buying, etc
  • Showing staff how to be better employees
  • Giving staff the tools to get them ahead financially

The skeleton we use to achieve satisfactory solutions are:

  • Buy/Sell Agreements and Business Succession protection
  • Protecting risk using Insurance from the top insurance companies.
  • Mortgages/Loans from top banks and non-banks
  • KiwiSaver and/or utilisation of a top investment specialist
  • Investment Property portfolios
  • ACC Cover Plus Extra – maximising
  • Savings on electricity, phones etc.
  • Forward planning including mortgage reduction, building retirement savings, achieving goals/dreams.
  • Ongoing advice and forecasting.