If we can’t add value we don’t want to be there.

Why the name

“Res Rei” the name, was derived after Sue and Allistar found that the Business Protection, Succession Planning and Insurance market was not always handled as competently, comprehensively or in a coordinated manner to bring together robust succession and risk planning, for those unforeseeable events. It was realized that many business owners don’t appreciate the impact on their business and their personal affairs or the affairs of their survivors. So much time, money and angst can be avoided by having the right agreements and instruments in place. We see the problems, because we have come across them time and time again, thinking, ‘but for the grace of knowledge go I.’ Don’t be caught out because you didn’t know.

The name in Latin means, a concept, an idea of finance, or the real thing. We felt that was a fit for what we are achieving, and took us out of the realms of ‘boring’. We therefore operate as ‘Facilitators’ meaning that we collect the relevant information to formulate a comprehensive business and succession plan.

What we do

Help you negotiate your way through the minefield of business risk by planning to have the right party(ies) at the right time when a business equity partner dies, or becomes totally and permanently disabled or suffers a trauma warranting a mutually agreed departure from the business.

Why do we do it?

You have possibly seen first-hand how an otherwise successful business can be impacted where they haven’t anticipated or had pointed out to them by someone understanding ‘risk’ the implications of bad planning. The earthquake in Christchurch helped emphasis some but not all of the factors that need consideration.

We engage with your other professional advisers such as Accountant, Solicitor, Trustees and Insurance Advisers to put in place a plan to avoid:

  • Decrease of business value
  • Owners, partners or shareholders getting stressed, distressed or getting even
  • The survivor being around owning shares but no cash
  • The business having a non-productive equity partner
  • Lack of certainty or intellectual property and funding to progress the business further


Our Principals

Sue McGaw | ResReiSue McGaw

Sue has built an independent Financial Services business over the last seventeen years, centred on maintaining superior relationships and on-going client service. With a bank lending background and considerable experience in the business area, both independently and working for a corporate, Sue is ideally suited to helping businesses and high value clients with financial succession protection, estate and insurance issues.


Allistar | ResReiAllistar Walker

Allistar has built an independent Financial Services business over the last twenty three years, focusing on exceptional client service, defined as thoughtful, proactive, knowledgeable and timely communication. He has an extensive bank lending, human resource and insurance background. He has the rare distinction of being a Senior Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia, which serves to educate bankers, accountants and financial services professionals. As he says, “you gotta do stuff to become a Fellow and more stuff to become a Senior Fellow”.

Sue and Allistar have seen the need in the business market for niche independent financial services consultants to be able to deliver and service a more comprehensive relationship with business owners. Hence they have combined their individual strengths and those of their support team to bring this more comprehensive Employer and Business Owner offering.

Our People

Janet | ResReiJanet Natta

Janet is our independent star investment adviser. She consults to high value deposit clients, has qualified with a Bachelor of Business Studies and Diploma in Financial Planning. Her mission is to maximise investment portfolios in line with your wishes. This requires her to be closely in tune with you and your goals.





Bev | ResReiBev Walker

Bev joined Allistar as his Office Administrator and Personal Assistant in 1999. Her background is in banking and secretarial. Bev manages the Fire & General Insurance book and directly assists clients with their options there.




Our Backroom

Kepa Services

  • Largest group
  • Office Support
  • Spokespeople
  • Compliance Monitoring Services

Our Associations

  • Major Banks
  • Major Insurers
  • Some KiwiSaver Funds
  • FSCL – Financial Services Complaints Limited
  • NZFAA – New Zealand Financial Advisers Association serve to train, update and audits
  • FINSIA – Financial Services Institute of Australasia serve to educate, inform, innovate